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PartiTek is a professional barcode software and reader development team based university. The team produces the SDK( Software Development Kit ) to encode & decode PDF417, QR Code (QRCode) and Data Matrix (DataMatrix). During the past years, the team has innovated better and faster technologies for barcode software and reader.


Since 2000, PartiTek has been providing commercial barcode developer components to companies around the world. By using PartiTek software and reader,  our users have successfully leveraged many years of university level research into their products, gaining increased reading accuracy and simple barcode creation.


The SDK runs under Windows, Unix/Linux, Win CE( Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone), Symbian, Android and iPhone/Mac OS. On Windows, WinCE/WinMobile and Symbian platform,  the SDK comes with dynamic link library (dll), and supports VC/VB/.Net etc.. On iPhone/Mac OS , Android and Unix /Linux platform, the SDK comes with static lib(a) or share object(so).


We invite you to download the Free Demo and Trial SDK to evaluate our software before ordering. We appreciate any feedback you might have on our products. If you have a special requirement or need please contact us.  We would be glad to customize our product for your specific application.


With this barcode recognition engine, we develop several kinds of barcode reader device to meet different usage scenarios.



The SDK includes:

PtPDF417Encode  -PDF417 Encode Module
PtQREncode  -QR Code Encode Module
PtDMEncode  -Data Matrix Encode Module
PtPDF417Decode  -PDF417 Decode Module
PtQRDecode  -QR Code Decode Module
PtDMDecode  -Data Matrix Decode Module


Barcode Reader includes:



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