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PtQREncode is a Software Development Kit (SDK) to encode data into QR Code (QRCode) barcode and then generate images.


The SDK runs under Windows, Unix/Linux, Win CE( Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone) , Symbian, Android and iPhone/Mac OS. On Windows, WinCE/WinMobile and Symbian platform,  the SDK comes with dynamic link library (dll), and supports VC/VB/.Net etc.. On iPhone/Mac OS, Android and Unix /Linux platform, the SDK comes with static lib(a) or share object(so).


The SDK is easy to use. You can download the Free Trial SDK and Demo to evaluate the quality of our barcode engine before ordering. If you have a special requirement or need we would be glad to customize our product for your specific application. 



JIS X 0510

ISO/IEC 18004


Storage capacity:

QR Code (QRCode) is capable of handling all types of data, such as numeric and alphabetic characters, Kanji, Kana, Hiragana, binary, and control codes. Up to 7,089 characters can be encoded in one symbol. The information stored in a symbol depends on the mix of ASCII, numeric and hex data. Each symbol can encode 4296 ASCII characters in Text Compaction mode, 2953 bytes in Byte Compaction mode, or 7089 numerical digits in Numeric Compaction mode. The SDK supports the all Compaction modes.


Error Correction Code:

The SDK supports error correction level L(7%), M(15%), Q(25%), H(30%). The error correction algorithm can recover the data from the barcode even with severe damage.



Easy  to set the parameter of the symbol such as version, module size, mask number, the site in the image etc..



Write to BMP/JPG/GIF/TIFF etc. image format.









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