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PtDMDecode is a Software Development Kit (SDK) to decode DataMatrix (Data Martrix) barcode from images.


The SDK runs under Windows, Unix/Linux, Win CE( Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone) , Symbian, Android and iPhone/Mac OS. On Windows, WinCE/WinMobile and Symbian platform,  the SDK comes with dynamic link library (dll), and supports VC/VB/.Net etc.. On iPhone/Mac OS, Android and Unix /Linux platform, the SDK comes with static lib(a) or share object(so).


The SDK is easy to use. You can download the Free Trial SDK and Demo to evaluate the quality of our barcode recognition engine before ordering. If you have a special requirement or need we would be glad to customize our product for your specific application. 



ISO/IEC 16022   ECC200


Storage capacity:

Data matrix (DataMatrix) is a two-dimensional matrix barcode  arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. The information to be encoded can be text or raw data. Each symbol can encode 2335 alphanumeric characters , 1555 bytes characters or 3116 numerical digits.


Error Correction Code:

The SDK supports error correction to increase symbol strength. The error correction algorithm can recover the data from the barcode even with severe damage.


Recognition rates:

Recognition rates depend on the pixel number of one module and the quality of image. The recognition algorithm can overcome multiform defects in images (scratch, smudges, damage, fuzzy code, etc.)  If the pixel of one module is no less than 2.5 pixels, the performance of the SDK is good enough. If no less than three pixels, our engine can get a recognition rate of nearly 100%.


Barcode orientation:

The SDK supports any degree (0-360), such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal and upside-down.  


Barcode Location:

The SDK can detect the barcode anywhere in the whole image or in the area specified by users.


Number of barcodes:

The SDK can detect the all barcodes in the image. Users also can limit the number of barcode to be searched through SDK interface.


Image File Format:

The SDK supports almost all image file format such as BMP/TIFF/JPG/GIF/PNG/TGA/PCX/JPG2000 etc. (with the support of PtImageRW).






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