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We provide the Software Development Kit (SDK) to encode & decode PDF417, QR Code (QRCode), Data Matrix(DataMatrix).


The SDK runs under Windows, Unix/Linux, Win CE( Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone), Symbian , Android and iPhone/Mac OS. On Windows, WinCE/WinMobile and Symbian platform, the SDK comes with dynamic link library (dll), and supports VC/VB/.Net etc.. On iPhone/Mac OS, Android and Unix /Linux platform, the SDK comes with static lib(a) or share object(so).


You can download the Free Trial SDK and Demo to evaluate the quality of our barcode engine before ordering. If you have a special requirement or need we would be glad to customize our product for your specific application. 


With this SDK, we develop several kinds of barcode reader device to meet different usage scenarios.



The product PtBarcodeEnc is SDK to encode data into barcode, and then generate supported image file. The features as below:

Encode thousands of characters per barcode symbol with 2D barcode technology.

Write barcode symbol to color, gray or BW images.

Write barcode symbol with size and position parameters.

Support multiple image formats such as tiff/bmp/jpg/png/gif etc..

Support Error Correction Code (ECC).


The product PtBarcodeEnc includes:


SDK to encode  PDF417 barcode and then generate images


SDK to encode QR Code (QRCode) barcode and then generate images


SDK to encode  Data Matrix (DataMatrix) barcode and then generate images



The product PtBarcodeDec is SDK to Decode barcode.PtBarcodeDec can recognize multiple barcodes at any orientation using a scanner or camera with frame-grabber. The recognition algorithm is highly accurate, reliable, and robust. It is designed to read poor quality or damaged bar codes. The features as below:

Overcome multiform defects in images (scratch, smudges, damage, ink spread, low contrast, complicated background).
Read multiple barcodes at any orientation, independent of skew, orientation, flipping and mirroring.
Read  color, gray or BW symbols.
Read barcodes from region of interest.
Return the position of all recognized barcodes.
Automatic detect barcode type.
Support multiple image formats such as tiff/bmp/jpg/png/gif/pcx etc..
Contain Error Correction Code (ECC) to fix damaged barcode.


The product PtBarcodeDec includes:


SDK to decode PDF417 barcode from images


SDK to decode QR Code (QRCode) barcode from images


SDK to decode Data Matrix (DataMatrix) barcode from images



Barcode Reader


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