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About Us


The PartiTek is a software development team established in 1998. The team develops high quality image processing software. The PartiTek, taking the advantage of technology and talents of the State Key Lab of Pattern Recognition&Image Processing in Nanjing University of Science&Technology.and the Information College in Nangjing University of Aeronautics&Astronautics, dedicates to commercialize the scientific research and academic achievements of the university through market operation.

Since 2000, PartiTek has been providing commercial barcode developer components to companies around the world. By using PartiTek software and reader, our users have successfully leveraged many years of university level research into their products, gaining increased reading accuracy and simple barcode creation.


The barcode components is the first attempt to transform into commercial application the scientific research and academic achievements of the university. At present, the team is developing some other products such as Video Compression, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) .


Our developer group, have profound expertise in the field. Our research is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 60632050) and the Natural Science Foundation of JiangSu Province (No. BK2007588), and have published a number of theses( Some of them are indexed by EI):
Recogniton of Two-dimension Barcode Based on Midpoint Detection
Recogniton of Two-dimension Barcode Based on Fourier Transform
Recogniton of Two-dimension Barcode Based on  Waveform Analysis
Deconvolution of Bilevel Waveform Based on Iterative Computations

We warmly welcome the researchers who are interested in barcode recognition technology to contact us and discuss how to develope better and faster barcode recognition algorithm.


PartiTek is a lively, profitable, and growing ISV (independent software vendor) with fast developing speed. Our team's name is PartiTek. "Parti" means "ideal partner" in French. On choosing our technology and products, the customers will share the same feeling as encountering an ideal partner. Our team advocates 4C concepts, namely "Creativity, Communication, Customer, Challenge", to provide excellent image technology and products.











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